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Standard Nails

There are thousands of different types of nails in use today. Nails for fixing floors, nails for securing roof tiles, nails for pallet and box making. Nail lengths vary from 2mm to 300mm and from 1mm to 8mm diameter.

Round Plain Head Round Plain Head
The round plain nail is far and away the most popular nail in the UK. It is a general purpose nail and is suitable for a variety of applications. It is most often used to secure roof and floor joists, partitions and heavy duty fencing. Supplied in Bright, Galvanised and Sheradised finishes with the most popular size being 100mm x 4.5mm.
Oval Lost or Brad Head   Oval Lost or Brad Head
Oval nails are peculiar to the UK and are used when concealment is required or when there is danger that the use of round plain head nails would split the wood. The oval brad or lost head is tapped below the level of the timber in door jambs, floor and skirting boards. The 40mm & 50mm sizes are the most popular.
Clout or Slate   Clout or Slate
These are used for securing roof tiles or slates. They are normally Galvanised for weather protection. After being struck home, a Galvanised nail "self heals" restoring its rust proof seal.
Extra Large Head Clout or Felt   Extra Large Head Clout or Felt
These nails are ideal for securing felt or plastic roofing materials and also have a Galvanised finish.
Jagged Plasterboard   Jagged Plasterboard
Jagged Plasterboard nails are, as their name implies, designed for securing wall and ceiling plasterboard. It is essential that the nail is thoroughly Galvanised or otherwise rust proofed. When working with Plasterboard, this particular nail is the normal choice of the professional.
Lath   Lath
These nails are also popular for working with plasterboard. It is similar in design to a Round Plain nail but has a broader, flatter head.

Panel or Veneer Pins   Panel or Veneer Pins
Panel and Veneer Pins are ideal for lightweight and decorative jobs.

Staples   Staples
Staples are another popular securing device. They are best suited for securing wire fences especially in the agricultural sector.

Spring Head Nails   Spring Head Nails
Spring head nails are most commonly used for securing corrugated sheeting and are always Galvanised. They absorb movement in the structure and the convex washer covers the hole made by the nail. They can also be manufactured with square washers for use in the packaging industry.
Annular Ring Shanks   Annular Ring Shanks
Annular ring shank nails have a thread in the shank for extra withdrawal resistance and are mainly used in automatic pallet making machines.

Special Nails
In addition to the standard range there are a multitude of special nails.
Twisted or Helical Shanks   Twisted or Helical Shanks
These are a popular alternative to annular ringed shanks used in pallet case and drum manufacture.
Copper Nails   Copper
Copper nails are used in slate roofing and in maritime conditions.

Masonry Nail   Masonry
Masonry nails are manufactured from high carbon steel and are hardened & electro galvanised for use in concrete & brick.
Drive Screws   Drive Screws
Bright Zinc plated - for use in fixing corrugated sheet to timber.