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Security Fasteners

Security screws and bolts, security nuts, security caps and enclosures and other anti tamper fasteners provide a secure fixing that cannot easily be tampered with. They help to tackle opportunist theft and vandalism and have many useful preventative applications. Some tamper resistant fixings enable authorised access by using a special tool whilst others are intended as permanent fixings.

Standard security fasteners  
An ever increasing range of security fasteners and fixings is available for immediate delivery. These include MACHINE SCREWS,  SELF-TAPPERS, WOODSCREWS, MASONRY ANCHORS and are available in a variety of head styles including BUTTON, PAN, COUNTERSUNK, or RAISED COUNTERSUNK   and are generally available in STAINLESS STEEL as standard.

Shear Nuts are also available from stock in stainless steel and galvanised.

Shear Bolts are manufactured to order and are available as countersunk or button head.

Whether you need a permanent or anti tamper fixing - to secure an equipment housing or engine cover, to prevent unauthorised access to a display cabinet, to stop removal or relocation of a park bench or indeed any other application, we have the products available to suit your application. 

Typical uses include: 
Museums, Public amenities, Playground equipment, Vending & Gaming machines, Door ironmongery, Electronic trunking, Marine & Port Authorities, Telecommunications control equipment, etc. Prisons, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Councils, Windows, Computers, Security Fencing, Public Transport, Signage, Burglar alarms, Stadium seating, Security gates, Security lights, CCTV cameras and equipment, Shutter doors, Street furniture, Control boxes.

Please contact our sales office for more detailed information.